What is a web push notification?

Web push notifications (also called browser push notifications) are unjust messages sent to a visitor’s device from an internet site via a browser. These messages are discourse, timely, customized, and best accustomed to interaction, re-engage, and retaining website guests.

For example, if users perform bound tasks with the associate app to boost their lives in a way, the app will congratulate them on their progress. A fitness app will send a message like “Congratulations! … This push notification implementation will cue users to launch the associate app and keep them engaged when they’ve stepped away.

When to use web push notification?

Web push notifications may be accustomed to acquiring, engaging, and associated retaining an audience. they are simple to line up and provide the power to exactly target individual users or teams of users. they’ll use for time-critical communications, and therefore the messages ne’er finish up within the spam folder, in contrast to email.

How to set web push notifications?

Push notifications allow you to send messages to users even after they aren’t visiting your website. This helps you bring back users to your website, increase traffic, and create more cash.

Installing Plugins

First, you’ll wish to go over to the WordPress Plugin Directory and look for OneSignal. Once you transfer the plugin’s files, you’ll ought to then visit the Plugins section in your WordPress site’s admin space.

Alternatively, you’ll look for the plugin of your alternative from among the Plugins section, and add the free plugin right there: when you’ve put in the plugin, check that to pick the Activate button that seems when installation is complete. once you’ve done that, you’ll click on the plugin link to finish the method.

Configuration of Plugin in Headless WordPress Themes

Once you’ve saved your WordPress website Setup info, you’ll be given a screen of vital details that require to be transferred to your OneSignal settings panel in WordPress. These embrace your API ID and API Key for the appliance you only set up:

Confirm OneSignal Configuration

You can use the head to My website button below the API info, or navigate to your WordPress dashboard in another browser tab to finish the setup.

Once you’re in your dashboard, you’ll wish to click on OneSignal Push within the left-hand menu and choose the Configuration tab. this is often wherever you’ll enter those API codes, to form the ultimate association between WordPress and OneSignal:

Finish Configuration with WordPress website

To set up a push notification for the Apple expedition Browser additionally, you’ll return to the OneSignal website associated with add expedition as an application (and thus on for different browsers).

Customize messages

Now that you’ve created the association between WordPress development and OneSignal, you’ll begin customizing all the assorted choices enclosed within the plugin. This includes the popup message for subscribing to your push notifications. Within the Web Push settings in WordPress, you’ll scroll down below the API info and choose what you wish your push invite text to say:

Managing Via headless WordPress Themes

A client-side web app and a server-side content management system want the way to speak to every different. That’s the API’s role, which provides this approach to app development yet one more name: API-driven development.

An API is an associate Application Programming Interface, an identical manner for 2 items of the package to speak to every different. once the associate application must arouse info or tell a different package what to try to do, it communicates via associate API.

WordPress encompasses a REST API, a kind of net-based API that permits the package to speak to that over the web exploitation HTTP web addresses known as endpoints. Endpoints look similar to we have a tendency to be the online & the net addresses we use each day to go to websites, and that they settle for numerous sorts of requests: GET requests to retrieve info, POST requests to submit info, and so on.

Because there are numerous alternative ways push notifications may be handled – however, they’re triggered after they are is sent – I didn’t attempt to package this up into a reusable plugin.

Headless WordPress Themes is the future of web development and eCommerce, with the modern PWA approach and enhanced performance. The Jamstack community has worked not only on the performance but also the additional features and smart building of the web apps making them think ahead in providing an easygoing web push solution and the technology allowing merchants and businesses of all sizes to communicate with their users better.

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