No matter if you’re a casual cell phone user or an aficionado of innovation You would love the battery in your phone to last a bit longer than it does, wouldn’t you? Most mobile phones use Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) batteries which can last effectively for 300-500 cycles of charge/release, which is supposed to provide two years of continuous charging. If you exceed that limit and the battery starts to degrade, which means that its capability decreases. No matter how much you recharge this battery isn’t going to be able to fully utilize its capabilities.

Typically, when the Li-Ion battery has reached 300 cycles, its capacity is reduced to 80percent of its own capacity. If you’ve been snagging your phone for a lengthy duration, or even longer it is possible that you have noticed that the battery’s life isn’t at the same level as it was in the past, and this is usually because of the fact that the health of the battery is deteriorating.

The battery of your phone will eventually be degraded. A majority of phones nowadays come with fixed batteries and, if you have to replace your battery with a new one, you’ll need to go to an assistance group. But, imagine the scenario in which we inform you that you could remove your cell phone battery’s health by changing some charging habits.

In this post, we’ll discuss the best way to keep up with your smartphone’s battery health for a longer prolonged duration and also enjoy the long-lasting battery by trying not to charge the botches that the majority of people.

Five Mistakes You Should Avoid While Charging Your Mobile Phone

Unreasonably hot temperatures and inconsistent charging capabilities are batteries’ most formidable enemies. Many of us are unable to manage temperatures, especially in countries with high temperatures such as India. However we should certainly follow some guidelines to improve the battery’s health. Below are five mistakes that you should stay clear of while charging your phone.

1. Not to Charge Your Phone Overnight

Cell phone charging during the night by the bed

The majority of us do this. We connect our cell phones to charge them prior to getting ready for bed, then remain connected all night, and the device will continue to charge for a considerable amount of time. It’s called cheating and in a perfect world, it is best to shut off the charging device as soon as the battery of your phone is at 100% capacity. But, as it happens the fact is that cheating isn’t as much of an issue on modern cell phones like it was on more advanced devices.

Today’s cellphones have technology that shows you a screen while you sleep and get up in order to prevent cheating. As a result the moment you hook up your phone for charging the device, it charges fast until its battery’s charge gets to 70% and then it stops charging or switches the charging back, so that the battery is at 100% charged at the time it is the best opportunity for you to get up. This reduces the depreciation of batteries. However, these innovations aren’t great, and it’s still better to be cautious if you observe battery charge levels when you re-energize the phone and then shut off the power source when it’s finished charging. HDMI cable price in Nigeria.

The majority of modern smartphones feature quick charging and the vast majority are fully powered up in less than 2 hours. Some phones can be recharged from 0 to 100% in 30 minutes. This means that you won’t have to sit in a trance for long periods of time to turn off the charging device after the device has been fully charged.

2. Beware of Infrequent, Haphazard, or Incomplete Charging

Xiaomi Redmi K20 Fast Charging

It is recommended to ensure that the battery remains charged up to 80%, but it isn’t a common practice also. So, some phones include an inbuilt feature that can charge the battery up to 80 percent and then stops charging. If you are looking to pull the battery’s health to the max then you must use this feature.

3. Try not to Use Unofficial, Unsupported, Or Low-Quality Chargers

Samsung 25W Super Fast Charger

When we go on news reports about the phone’s battery exploding or exploding in flames, further investigation usually will reveal the use of a poor or ineffective quality charger or dangerous charging conditions. So, you should always try using the genuine or used Samsung HDMI adapters.

4. Avoid heavy smartphone Use while it is charged

ASUS ROG Phone 2 Gaming Performance

Some people are prone to play games while their phone is recharged, and this is not a good thing to do. As we’ve mentioned earlier in this article, heating is a battery’s most formidable adversary. Check out the Spark 5 pro price in Nigeria. The phone’s massive load, be it gaming, using the camera, or various other significant applications causes the processor to create lots of heat. If the heat is added to the heat currently being generated through the charging method this can be excessive and may affect the battery’s health and lead to an increase in battery life.

5. Try not to Place The Phone Under The Pillow While It Is Getting Charged

Chargers for cell phones under the pillow

In the event that you want to have access to your phone even if it’s being charged at night it is advisable to place the phone in the bedside table.

In the event that you stick to the easy charging guidelines that are suggested within this piece, in all likelihood you’ll be able to keep the battery of your phone from becoming more damaged than anticipated and thus extending the phone’s battery lifespan.