Superstition’s world is the most common world we may or may not live in. Superstition means an imaginary world or some beliefs which you are holding on inside your mind and acting accordingly. It says that mindset is everything and only a wise person can differentiate this concept of superstition.

We all have our own experiences through which we have created some beliefs for us. These beliefs are so powerful that it would be endless debate if we talk about our actual reality of superstition

India has always been a religious country and it’s the only country where the people of almost all religions live together. Superstitious beliefs create a self-assumed world where we always prefer things to happen the way we want. Our ancient people never taught us the meaning and the concept of Superstition and that is the reason we are so afraid deep within.

The main cause of our suffering is self-assume imagination and beliefs. Even if the reality is something else but the way we see things can deteriorate the whole situation. Superstition creates Superstitious people and Superstitious people form a void universe where we find nothing but fear and grief.

In our society, so-called monks and priests who are the creators of superstition’s world will always try to hold on to your life. Even in our family if something goes wrong instead of finding the solution we will call to priest to solve our problem. Can you understand? how big a fool we are and how we deal with our problems.

Superstitions Reality

The wise people will always prefer to go into the root cause of any superstitions. Yes, we should respect all religions but should be aware that what exactly the meaning of theory is. Scientifically it has not proven that ghost exists but still, you have held this belief that ghosts exist.

We are totally cut off from the actual reality and living a Superstition life that some magic will happen and things will change. Believing in Superstitions is like becoming a lamb in the level of mind. We lose our actual potential and go towards the darkness.

Superstitions have a direct connection with religions. People are always scared to have something wrong in life and also scared to lose good things happening in their life. Some religious people suggest you wear rings in your fingers or tie a thread around your neck. We never question things we just follow them as some other people are doing.

Superstition’s world is like a bottomless pit the more you go into it the deeper you will fall. People believe in superstitions more and less in their own intelligence. Even people in our own family have been misguided by the Superstition concept that it’s impossible to make them believe that it’s not true.

Our mind has to be stronger than our feelings this is the only way out to deal with this concept. Question everything, what is god? what is this universe? are our beliefs are true?. No one has ever taught us these things even nobody ever taught them these things also.

Superstitions And Spirituality

There is always a conflict between superstitions and spirituality. Let’s understand this concept of spirituality, spirituality means to understand this universe as it is on the basis of actual reality. We have n number of books and people who have mentioned spirituality and superstition in their own experiences.

Everyone’s truth is different because experiences are different. No one can ever question the truth of this universe ever. It takes years to understand the concept of spirituality but in the case of superstitions concept is totally different.

Spirituality leads you towards reality and makes everything clear for you. In superstitions, you will always be in fear and you must have experienced this thing on your own. We need to question everything around us. sometimes you get answers sometimes you don’t.

This universe is so big that even you know the actual secret what would you do? no one cares. But living without any fear and follow to reality always makes sense to you. Never follow other superstitious people, always listen to the inner institutions they never fail you.

This world has always been a victim of blind faith. It’s very easy to make someone fool in the name of superstition. superstitious people are always followers of someone or something but in spirituality people always feel liberated. They listen to their institutions and live without any fear.

1) Superstition Meaningless life- life without purpose is like a human without clothes. Superstitions make our life more meaningless and less in vision. It’s better to live a purposeful life rather than being nonsense for the whole life. The game of superstition is like the war between cat and mouse. Mouse keeps his hands on his eyes in this belief that if the mouse can’t see to the cat so the cat can also not see the mouse. Be practical always.

2) Superstition leads to the wrong direction- superstitions will always lead towards the wrong direction. Reality and our illusions are totally different from each other and this is the main cause of suffering. We never analyze things before doing them but regret them once we are done with them. Our beliefs should always be based on reality otherwise once we enter into the superstition world, it will be hard to come out of it.

3) Superstitions scare us- You also must have experienced that whenever we believe in unknown concepts we are in fear always. Fear of losing something. Elders keep suggesting that don’t do this don’t do that otherwise something wrong will happen. This type of programming is installed in our minds. Superstitions can be dealt with the right questioning always.

The most important thing to understand is that how you see the world. Only your opinion matters to you. We are mostly surrounded by superstitious people who want us to be like them. Superstition’s world is a massive world and this is not somewhere outside it’s here inside.