Computer repair business people need good communication skills, quality control, honesty, curiosity, patience, perseverance, and problem-solving strategies in addition to certifications and practical experience. 

Problem analysis, however, is the most important skill.

Computer problems are often the result of detective work. In the first place, it’s important to gather all the facts. So what happened? And when? What else happened before? Was there a recent Windows update? A hardware upgrade? A strange message on the screen? A man’s life can be changed by just a single tidbit of information.

Problems with computers are typically caused by a hardware or software glitch, but sometimes both. Sometimes, in the diagnostic procedure, PC technicians use pinpoints hardware errors caused by bad RAM chips or motherboard problems. In most cases, however, hardware problems are caused by a failing hard drive. Hard drives do not just stop working overnight, but slowly slow down and start corrupting files and data over time. Computer repair technicians recommend that the hard drive be replaced after three to five years of use.

Solid-state hard drives are much faster and more robust than conventional hard drives. To prevent data loss, you should also regularly back up your data to an external drive or the cloud. Always make a temporary backup of a client’s hard drive in case something goes wrong during the repair process, so we can restore it to its original state.

If the hardware checks out fine, it is most likely the software that is to blame. The goal of software updates, especially for Windows, is to fix known issues and add functionality and security, but sometimes they cause new ones. (There are just too many variations and system configurations to test them completely.) And then there are the “bad guys” — viruses, malware, adware, and so on that can seriously damage a system. It is important to clean them out and remove all traces.

Solve the mystery 

Problems that occur sporadically are the most difficult to deal with. You will have a good chance of identifying and solving it if it can be reproduced. When it only happens once in a while when you change a parameter, then you have to wait; when it occurs again, try your best to correct it.

A bit of detective work is required here as well. Analyze your information to narrow down the possibilities. You can examine log files or run tools to narrow down the possibilities. There are times when computer repair technicians have to replace components one by one and hope for a change for the better. It is for this reason that technicians ask for as many details as possible from the client. Try taking a screenshot of the problem when it occurs, perhaps with your smartphone. It helps a great deal if you write down the time when it happened and what you were doing just before it happened.

Sometimes the problem is simply a “user error.” In any case, once I think that a tricky problem has been resolved, I try to explain the cause and tell the client “what to do or not to do” so this won’t happen again.

There is a challenge if you search online. Asking the right questions is important.Otherwise, you get too many unrelated responses. Please be aware that some websites that provide computer help are “bad” and may contain viruses. Even though it seemed to help others, you might not be able to use a blog solution. It is advisable to use common sense and be careful when downloading tools, especially those that are marketed as “free.” They may seem legitimate, but they could be malicious.

In the past, computer repair technicians were taught not to change a running system, but nowadays it’s impossible to avoid updates. Updates in Windows 10 happen automatically, whether you want them or not (you can only delay them for a short time). The update can also cause a system freeze or mess up if there are viruses hidden in the system. 

If we go back to Sherlock Holmes, we should remember that “when the impossible has been excluded, whatever remains, no matter how unlikely, must be the truth.” This is certainly applicable to computer detective work. You have the best chance of catching and eliminating that pesky computer “bug” once you remove the impossible from the mix.

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