A vinyl badge holder is a transparent case used for protecting badges and ID cards from wear and damage. These are highly affordable. The prime feature that makes vinyl badge holders so preferable is the durability factor. These holders are made of a soft and smooth fabric that gives them an aesthetically pleasing look. They are clear, airy, and flexible in structure.

The vinyl badge holders are highly substantial that protect your IDs and badges from any form of bending, tearing, or scratches. Whether exposed to harsh sunlight or heavy rains, the ID is safe inside the holder. The badge holder is waterproof that is sure to last long. Replacement of cardholders will be required very infrequently.

Hence, if you run a large-scale organization where you are looking for an economical ID solution, a vinyl badge holder is the perfect choice for you. The hard-wearing quality of these holders prompts complete protection of the ID cards reducing chances of misplacing the ids. You can rely on these cardholders to improve and increase the lifespan of the ids.

If you’re looking for purchasing vinyl badge holders, here are a few things you should check before buying.

  • Non-sticky badge holders

A badge holder should be made of non-stick plastic material that will avoid damaging the ID card. Many a time, due to excessive heat or water, the ID card starts discolouring and sticks to the card holder. To avoid this, a non-sticky card holder is the best option. This will keep your card safe and intact for a long time.

  • Durability

The main feature of a badge holder that you should look for is durability. The card holder is made of a transparent fibre-like material that protects the ID from any sort of damage. To ensure protection to the ID, the holder itself should be well-made and resistant to exterior elements such as water, heat, or stains. The purpose behind opting for a card holder is longevity and low cost. Therefore, the badge holder should be durable to fulfil your requirements.

  • Card holder structure

This can vary for different ID’S depending upon the usage of the cards. For example, if the card is just required to be displayed at different check posts, a close-end card holder will be the right choice. It will be sealed from all ends paving no room for bending or scratching of the card. On the other hand, if the card is required to be scanned or inspected by security personnel, then the holder with a finger hole or slider will be the right choice. You can choose the card structure as per the necessity.

  • Size customization

This is yet another important factor to consider while finalizing a badge or card holder for your organization. ID cards vary in size to great extent. The sizes differ according to the different categories of ids. For example, the size of a normal ID card is different than that of a government ID. Similarly, the size of an event card is completely different than that of a business card. Hence, it is vital to have customizable options for badge holders as per the ID you are looking for.

  • Design customization

These are particularly designed holders with additional text or colors to differentiate between the ID holders in an easier way. These are usually preferred by large organizations such as medical facilities, schools, or government offices. With a huge number of individuals having access to the same premise, it becomes difficult to identify each one’s identity and their departments. The vinyl badge holders can be personalized with different colors or texts printed to differentiate departments. These cards are slightly bigger in size and ease security upkeep in the premises. A vinyl badge holder offers several utilities in an organizational setup. They are available in varying designs and sizes that help in protecting the ID’s from any damage. With qualities like durability, affordability, and flexibility, this can be a perfect choice to hold ID cards safely.