If you’ve just bought new keycaps on your keyboard, and you’re searching for directions for installing them or are trying to learn more about the process involved in replacing the caps on your keyboard for a possible purchase This guide will help you understand each step in changing the caps on your keyboard in greater detail. The process of changing the caps isn’t difficult, however, it could take between 30 and 45 minutes for a large keyboard, but much smaller for smaller keyboards like a TKL or a smaller keyboard.

Step 1: Remove the keycaps of the keyboard (10-15 minutes)

Step 2. Spray an air drier on the keyboard’s switches, and then use micro-cloths to wipe them clean when they are they are dirty (5 minutes)

Step 3. Attach the keys of the largest size to stabilizers (5-10 minutes)

Step 4. Add the remaining of your keys on the keyboard (10-20 minutes)

Step 5: Have fun with your new experience typing

A Keyboard that has no Keycaps

Pro Tips: If you are planning to reuse the previous keycap set in the future it is suggested that after you have removed every keycap, you store them in order. You can then place them back into the original packaging in the order the new keycap set comes with, so you will not have to wait until every time you want to make use of the same keycaps again. This is particularly important when you’re getting rid of blank keycaps that you could reuse.

There are two types of keycap pullers: smaller ones made of plastic, and larger keycap pullers in metal. For the keycap puller made of plastic, you can remove the keycap by holding the puller arms on opposing sides of the cap.

How do you remove keycaps?

Removal of Keycaps using Stabilizers

Many of the larger keys of the keyboard come with stabilizers that are attached to them. The most popular type of stabilizer is a bar that is connected to the left and right sides of the internals of the keyboard that then bends to join two plastic inserts which go into the cap of the keyboard. The most popular keys with stabilizers include the backspace key on the row of numbers, Enter key the two shift keys as well as the space bar, and the symbol for plus on the number pad as well as the key that enters the numbers pad. In the majority of cases, the tiny plastic inserts inside the caps of the keys will fall off when you push upwards on the keycap. However, with the Dell Latitude 3400 keyboard models, these inserts aren’t able to pull themselves out therefore you will have to tilt the keycap before removing the stabilizing bar.

How do you clean a keyboard that has no caps on the keys?

After all the keys are eliminated from your HP 6570B keyboard you’ll be able to scrub all dust and crumbs that have accumulated the switches. First, take out all stabilizer inserts from the bars to ensure that they don’t fall out of the way. It is recommended that you first gently shake the keyboard upside down in order for the dustout, and then apply an air-duster container that is specifically designed for electronics like EM-Zone to eliminate the remainder. After spraying the keyboard with the air duster then you can use the microfiber cloth and clean between the switches more thoroughly, then spray the keyboard again.

How to Connect Keys & Stabilizers?

If you own Cherry stabilizers but do not have stabilizer bars, or inserts for your keycap, this is a simple step to do, simply place the large keys on the switches and proceed onto the following step.

For those who have inserts and stabilizer bars, this is probably the most challenging part of the process. However, there are a few tips that can help make this process go easy. First, be aware that stabilizer inserts always fit inside the keycaps in a way that the longer side of the insert is pointed toward at the side of your keyboard i.e. towards the keys F1-F12. In the event that the switch is placed opposite to the F1-F12 keys, the keycap will be rubbing with the keys surrounding the F1-F12 keys. If you decide to disconnect those stabilizer bars you must be conscious that they only move in only one direction, in order that the angled portion of the bar creates the space needed to accommodate the switch’s bottom.

How do you connect a stabilizer to the keyboard?

There are two methods you can apply to help make this process simpler. If you are trying to disconnect a stabilizer bar from the keyboard and it pops out with ease, it could be more convenient to place the stabilizer bar in and then insert it into the keycap first and then secure the stabilizing bar to the keyboard while keeping the keycap still attached. Keep the keycap in place to ensure that the inscription is facing you, and then move the bar to the right position using your fingers, and then snap it in place.

How do I connect the keyboard stabilizer to the keyboard?

You can then put one side from the bar’s stabilizer into the plastic then apply diagonal pressure to the already connected insert to allow the opposite side of the bar to be able to fit inside the insert, so that it’s fully joined. This video will show you how to position the keycap inserts in order to connect larger keys to your stabilizer bar in this way.